Ships, Boats, & Bikes

This weekend has been hectic!  Firstly, Pacific Explorer departed Sydney.  Next time she is in town, we get to go onboard, so can’t wait for that! That was followed by a few hours at Sydney Motorsport Park watching (& obviously photographing) the Australian Superbikes.  Unfortunately the difference in skill levels between those that can & those that think they can is vast, & the races turned into processions with one…


2017 Liverpool Supporters Club NSW AGM

It’s that time of the year again when the transfer window is open, & time for the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of New South Wales to hold their AGM. Held in the familiar surrounds of 80 Proof (next to Cheers Bar), we acknowledged the hard work put in by the incumbent committee, & set about filling the vacant roles.  Heartbeat of Football is the official charity of LFCNSW, & last years…

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